black nuzlocke

started 11/13/22

gen 5 is my least favorite generation by far. i don't care for most of the pokémon, or the region, really, as i recall. but i do love n. and i'm hoping nuzlocking it will make me fall in love with my stupid dog.

in an unfortunate interesting turn of events, i have all four gen 5 games. i've picked black because zekrom seems more suited to n.


36 35 35 35 32 trio badge basic badge insect badge bolt badge quake badge jet badge

baji the tepig


lvl5 f hasty
nuvema town

snivy is my fav gen 5 starter, so we're goin' tepig!

timon the patrat


lvl3 m quiet
route 1

missed opportunity for pumbaa the emboar but i'm gonna box the rat asap anyway

poppy the lillipup


lvl7 m brave
route 2

high hopes for the pupper

leader cress


2vs2 lvlcap14

11 14 vs 12 14

actually wiped me out the first time. restarted and leveled better and he still brought them both to critical. i didn't take the monkey on account of i really don't like em.

matches the purrloin


lvl8 f modest

i don't hate the cat, but she's already been boxed for being useless

marmu the pidove


lvl9 f lax
route 3

love rl pigeons, i think i can find it in my heart to love this ugly little guy too

goro the roggenrola


lvl10 m mild
wellspring cave

hhhhhh i almost repelled to find drilbur but i took a chance on woobat. and so, stuck with the rock

did you know the yellow bit is an ear?

poppy evolved!


not nearly as cute anymore but this boy is carrying the team

"for ages, they have helped trainers raise pokémon" oh T_T

baji evolved!


hopefully this will help with the constant almost dying

spoiler alert: it didn't

leader lenora


2vs2 lvlcap20

18 17 vs 18 20

poppy did alright but retaliate really fucked baji up, even without the double bp

rip baji

pignite, greyed out

lvl 5-17
murdered by lenora's watchog

a shame to lose my starter so early, but she was having a real hard time taking hits

seth the sewaddle


lvl15 f hasty
pinwheel forest

this is my baby and i love her

man i talk a lot of shit about gen 5's shitty dex but sewaddle is perfect actually (and surprisingly strong. i'd assumed they were caterpie equivalent)

seth evolved!


i love my blanket child so much. grumpy teen is one of my favorite genres of pokemon

i lowkey kin swadloon

leader burgh


3vs3 lvlcap23

22 23 22 vs 21 21 23

a scary crit took poppy to 1 hp but other than that, no problem

with the bianca fight in the route 4 gatehouse, that makes three mentions already of the dangers of battling indoors. i can't think of this ever being mentioned in another gen. why is this a running theme?

lyle the sandile


lvl15 m modest
route 4

no strong feelings on the man, but i appreciate his type coverage

i switched seth (w/ eviolite) into a blitzle, only to be hit by a surprise flame charge. very scary, but she took so little damage despite the 4x weakness. what a beast.

rip lyle

sandile, greyed out

lvl 15-18
murdered by a rando's timburr

"hmm he's at 50%, should i switch him out? nah, ground's not weak to fighting."
i forgot about dark ;_;

whoops. gave poppy dig to compensate

laputa the sigilyph


lvl20 m quiet
desert resort

what an ugly guy. almost died to sandstorm cause he didn't want to stay in the ball

i don't want for psychic coverage, and his movepool isn't doing anything cool, unfortunately. boxed

goro evolved!


still ugly but he's definately pulling his weight. and he's about to destroy elesa

spears the yamask


lvl20 f rash
relic castle

a neat little guy, nice to have a ghost. but i think i'm guaranteed a litwick encounter later and i know which one i'd prefer

yamask is cute and sad but cofagrigus doesn't do much for me (plus i don't need anymore physical tanks)

cassim the tirtouga


lvl25 m hardy
nacrene city

i do like the turtle. and it's nice to have a water attack

like i said, physical tanks all the way down.

rip spears

yamask, greyed out

lvl 20-20
murdered by n's scraggy

had to switch marmu out (because i forgot roost takes away flying ._.) wasn't expecting feint attack. ohkoed her.

leader elesa


3vs3 lvlcap27

27 27 26 vs 25 25 27

holy shit volt switch. if i was the sort to restrict healing in nuzlockes this would've ended me.
wish lyle was here

seth evolved!


i prefer swadloon but who am i to hinder her emotional growth (she comes out her shell when she evolves by friendship?? T_T)

missed minccino

minccino, greyed out

route 16
marmu critted them. i dunno why i didn't switch out my super luck scope lens bird for this but here we are. i'm not too upset, honestly

lede the cottonee


lvl20 m quiet
lostlorn forest

i do like whimsicott (particularly post-fairy, i'm heavily biased), but boxed for now

cali the trubbish


lvl19 f quiet
route 5

cute, but she'll probably be switched out soon for stat reasons

lily the ducklett


lvl24 f hasty
driftveil drawbridge

not much to say about the duck. we won't see her again unless something terrible happens

froyo the vanillite


lvl24 m quiet
cold storage

i don't particularly like vanillite & co., but i'm glad i didn't miss what i assume is the only real chance for ice to timburr

emil the foongus


lvl23 m docile
route 6

pokéball mimicry in pokémon confuses me, evolutionarily speaking

rip marmu

pidove, greyed out

lvl 9-29
murdered by a gym bro's drilbur

my baby

leader clay


3vs3 lvlcap31

31 31 31 vs 29 29 31

we were killin it til froyo got outsped and one shot. i, uh, forgot ice is weak to rock

rip froyo

vanillite, greyed out

lvl 24-31
murdered by clay's excadrill

all those levels for naught

poppy evolved!


still a beast, now with extra mustache

jo(lene) the joltik


lvl25 f naughty
chargestone cave

too small, too cute, not klink. what more could i ask for?

i know its probably the same as always (which is to say, too high) but holy fuck the spawn rate in caves fucking sucks. this is absolutely miserable. i would kill for a cleanse tag

missed deerling

deerling, greyed out

route 7
sad. i'd've had a hard time fitting them on my team but i love deerling

thomas the litwick


lvl28 m quirky
celestial tower

there he is. i worry about him. a lot of the team's kinda glassy

rip seth

leavanny, greyed out

lvl 15-34
murdered by a rando's sigilyph

not my girl D: this is what i get for watching tv while nuzlocking

well, there's room for that deerling now

leader skyla


3vs3 lvlcap35

35 35 35 vs 33 33 35

was worried jo was gonna go the way of froyo, but poppy was already overleveled to put in. she pulled through tho

leader brycen


3vs3 lvlcap39

vs 37 37 39