about me, i guess

i'm sam, as the site name suggests, and i have no idea what to say about myself.
i'm young enough that i was never into geocities or anything, but old enough that i remember them being on the first page of google.
i love pokémon and i've always wanted to get into breeding. finally doing it with sword i guess.

all pokémon i breed are sourced by myself so i can guarantee they're legit.

ralts/gardevoir are my favorite pokémon (rip kirlia)

gardevoir ralts

my background comes from this very cool resource.

the pixel pokémon icons are from here, which is to say that they are mostly official, but may include some customs made for the missing mons/forms. which is not at all to discount the huge help their formatting is, especially this in particular, if you're also looking to use a lot of icons on your own site.

all other art is official, stolen straight from game freak. pokémon portraits (see ralts and gardevoir above) are cropped from tcg cards.