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Hi There

Welcome to my website. Pokémon is probably my single favorite media franchise, and I like to be autistic about it, so that's what this is for. The primary (and original) function is the breeddex, a record of my efforts in breeding Pokémon. I've also got nuzlocke(s) (I promise I'm gonna finish it soon). I may add shrines sometime.

Any Pokémon I breed are sourced by myself so I can guarantee they're legit.

My main (by which I mean generic) site is over here. Haven't made a button yet. I Have made a button for this one though.

Pokemon Breeder Sam button.


25/9/23: Added my Teal Mask team to the Hall of Fame. Added some wild caught shinies.

15/7/23: Added to the Hall of Fame, should be all new teams from now on. Updated Breeddex (just Eevee).

8/7/23: Added Hall of Fame.

6/7/23: Wild Caught Shinies section added to Shinies page.

5/7/23: Changelog added. Completely redid the site on my end. Shouldn't be too different for you, but it did fix a typo in the font I meant to use and didn't notice wasn't here for a full year. The About page has some new stuff. Pokémon icons should work for screen readers now (sorry I didn't realize they weren't).

19/7/22: Site created.


Background's from here.

Pokémon icons are from here (which is to say mostly official, some customs). And the formatting that makes them not hell to maintain is from here. Gen 9 icons from ezerart.

All other art is official, stolen straight from Game Freak.