a terrible and lengthy project i have started for myself in which i create a living dex (sort of) that will allow me to breed any pokemon on a whim with as little effort as possible.

this is an entirely wasteful use of my time, but, an excuse to breed, which is an activity i enjoy.

the breeddex will include, for each evolutionary family, as many representives of the least-evolved non-baby mon as it takes to hold all available egg moves, and each regional form. each of these will have their hidden ability, 5+ perfect ivs, and whichever nature seems most useful. everyone will be in a premier ball if possible (so far the only holdouts are the gen 8 starters).

i'm doing this in sword; for pokemon not available i currently plan to breed them in shining pearl/the 3ds games and then pass them into home. i will most certainly not finish this before scarlet & violet so my base of operations may change.

someday i'll make this page cooler, i think, but for now it's just a list of who i have done.

update 8/3/2022: added abra, inkay

update 10/6/2022: i decided that the,, most fun way to get hidden abilities for the first 251 would be a virtual console living dex so my pokemon time's been going to that. havent made any measurable progress but the breeddex is coming along in some way. (headed to the crystal elite four with a pokedex of 119, gonna need yellow too to finish it. we'll see how much longer it takes)

update 11/26/2022: crystal dex at 216, about where it's gonna stay until i get yellow. i'll start moving people into home soon tho.