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A place to record my shiny hunts, newest/current first. Counting starts once I have English/Japanse parents with perfect IVs, etc.

I'm gonna start on Eevee next so I have parents to fall back on if I wanna hatch eggs without thinking.

Litwick, so spoopy.


#1! 355
24/7/22, 6/10/22

Bred maybe 2 dozen getting perfect parents for this, and then literally their first egg was shiny. Was breeding for a friend so I'm gonna keep going for my own.

Charmander, beaming.


#510 (ish)

Bred for my mother, whose only Pokémon games are Go and Let's Go Pikachu, so she can't even have him yet.

Wild Caught Shinies


The only non-event shiny I ever saw before they changed the odds (and still the only one I've seen on a Game Boy), despite my thousands of hours across the series, was a Caterpie in Crystal. (I was in middle school, I remember I was in the band room after school.) He was on Route 31 (before Violet City). I was there trying to catch a Bellsprout to trade for Onix. He spawned on the way back to town to get more balls. The only truly full-odds shiny I've ever seen and I didn't have any balls.

Let's Go Eevee

Both of these spawned, full odds, in Viridian Forest, one right after the other.

Legends: Arceus